Creating Your Site's Content

Other File Types

Blade/Markdown hybrids

Markdown files can use Blade syntax in them—for displaying data, control structures, etc.—by using the extension Files with a extension will be processed first by the Blade engine, before the Markdown is parsed.

Regular .blade.php templates can also use the @include directive to include partials that are Markdown files. A Markdown partial that is included in a Blade template using @include will be parsed by the Markdown parser first.

Non-HTML files

Other non-HTML, text-type files can also be processed with the Blade engine first, allowing you to dynamically generate non-HTML files that include variables and Blade control structures. Supported file extensions include .blade.js, .blade.json, .blade.yml, .blade.yaml, .blade.xml, .blade.rss, .blade.atom, .blade.txt, and .blade.text. Note that after these file are first processed by Blade, the output file will maintain its filetype extension in the resulting URL; for example, a file named some-file.blade.xml will be processed by Blade, then will be accessible at the URL

Other files

Any other files, such as .html files, will be copied directly to your build folders without being modified by Jigsaw.