Building & Previewing


Often you might want to use different site variables in your development and production environments. For example, in production you might want to render your Google Analytics tracking snippet, but not include it in development so you don't skew your results.

Jigsaw makes this simple by allowing you to create additional config.php files for your different environments.

Say your base config.php file looks like this:

3return [
4 'staging' => true,
5 'company' => 'Tighten',

You can override the staging variable in your production environment by creating a new file called config.production.php:

3return [
4 'staging' => false,

This file is merged on top of config.php, so you only need to specify the variables that you are changing.

Note: Variables from environment-specific config files are not merged recursively; only the top-level keys are considered for merging. For collections, you can override this behavior by setting merge_collection_configs to true in your main config.php file. This is particularly useful if you use collection filtering to disable some collection items, such as draft blog posts, in particular environments.

Building files for a specific environment

To build files for a specific environment, just pass the environment name as an argument when running the build command:

1vendor/bin/jigsaw build production

Alternatively, if you are using Laravel Mix to compile your assets, you can run the production script found in package.json:

1npm run prod

This will generate your site into a new folder called build_production, leaving your build_local folder untouched.